Saturday, 11 September 2010

What an outrage!!!!!

Like all good Muslims everywhere I am outraged by this man. Has he no sense of shame? No sense of decency? No sense of decorum? He has outraged the world. He has caused great consternation globally. The Internet is aflame with discussions and comments. The TV channels cannot get enough. The big question on everyone's mind is - will he or won't he? The whole world waits with baited breath to find out when he will shave off that ridiculous handlebar tache? This is 2010 for goodness sakes.

And as for burning the Koran? This is 2010 for goodness sake.


babatunde said...

not really, the best explaination I've seen of this situation is
"Crazy person does crazy thing in public is something that goes in a medical record or a police report or a poem about existential angst. It`s not news."

Myne Whitman said...

I think the media gave him more airtime than necessary. He backed down in the end.