Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Teacher's Pet.

From a very early age we all learn that there are some sacred cows (even though we do not know that this is what they are called at that stage). These are the pampered pooches that can do no wrong. In school, they probably had an older sibling who protected them, or their parent or relative was the Head or a teacher, under whose umbrella they were free to commit all sorts of dastardly deeds knowing full well there would be no repercussions.

In later life daddy, mummy or someone of influence at work gave them the leeway they needed to behave like the spoilt brats they are even though occasionally the odd warning look is thrown their way when they really overstep the bounds of decency. But nonetheless the bad habits and behaviour continue because dirty looks are akin to being beaten to death with a feather. Ineffective.

This is the case of the US and Israel – surely the most pampered terrorist nation on earth. How else can you explain the continuous crimes this nation commits and gets away with if not for the fact that they know that they will be fully protected from all sides by Big Brother. We had barely gotten over the blatant assassination of a guest in a hotel room (Hamas, Hummous whatever) using the forged passports of different nations (imagine the disdain for the sovereignty of these countries which included the UK) before we are now confronted with commandos boarding a humanitarian aid ship fully armed and murdering in cold blood between 10-19 human beings.

Notice how quickly the propaganda machine swung into action with videos showing “soldier being thrown overboard” or “soldier being beaten by metal pipes”. Sob, sob. I notice there was no caption of the soldier pointing his gun at protesters at head level and firing (something wrong with their kneecaps? If all you really wanted to do was subdue them?). As of now there is no report of a single Israeli commando being killed despite the claims that the “terrorists” on board (who are quickly and conveniently linked to every Islamic terror organisation) had guns, knives and other weapons (at least they were considerate enough not to tag the “of mass destruction” on to the end of it). There was even a picture of a soldier holding up a knife to the camera. Even back in my boy scout days we instinctively knew that when confronted with a machine gun toting commando who drops out of the sky in the dead of night, a Swiss army knife is as useful as a condom at a convent. No really, we did.

So now what from Israel? The usual platitudes and excuses. “We must protect our citizens, we must protect Israel, we are the most put upon nation on earth –even with our nuclear weapons, trained army, MOSSAD. Oh woe is us etc etc. We are so generous in that we allow tons of food to be delivered to Gaza every month so those pesky children don't die etc etc.” How much longer can this go on? Can Obama really allow it to go on? Can Europe? Can China?

Who wants to bet me that at then end of it all by next month it will all have blown over and teacher’s pet will be back under teacher’s bosom. Safe and sound. Until the next time.