Friday, 17 August 2007

p.s Some numbers please.

Does anyone have a number and address for Halogen security and also the same for the companies that sell and install the 1000 litre diesel drums? Thanks

Soon come I beg oh.

It all started about a month ago with a funny burning smell and then a strange grinding noise and then nothing. Reboot after reboot failed to solve the problem. And that was it. The end of our fantastic journey on the super highway. Gone. All mails, docs, files. Gone. Sitting on 10mb of broadband and nothing to do. So we all sat around looking at the real possibility that we might have to, gulp, talk to one another rather than spend all hours on the computer, on the internet. Oh dear. Thank God for television:->.

So anyway. The computer packed up. The new one was already loaded on the boat and so we were IT less. We are now in Lagos but the load is still at the port and trying to do stuff from Business centres and Internet Cafes where the definition of broadband seems to be anything above 64k has proved to be a challenge but not for much longer. News reaches us from the "agent" that further to the mobilisation that was mobilised out last week our goods will indeed be mobilised to our still empty house next week. Oh goody. It has only been sitting at the port for three weeks so not bad eh?

Anyway, on behalf of Iyawo and myself apologies for the long silence and soon come oh. With gist galore.

Also on my part thanks to everyone for all their suggestions on where to get various bits and pieces and how to do various bits and pieces in Lagos. All the advise has proven invaluable.

I could not end however without saying. Man who? Chelsea rules. Ok?